Tri Dimensional Chess

Tri dimensional chess was first seen in a Star Trek episode with Captain Kirk, and Mr Spock playing a game.  It is also played on Big Bang theory now.  It is sometimes called multidimensional chess, and the original was 24″ tall which is what I have hand crafted.  It is also fully functional, meaning the attack boards can be placed easily above or below any corner without slipping off or wearing out.  This game is a lot of fun, and really easy to learn.

As you can see the small attack boards that can be moved instead of moving a chess piece for a turn are usually shown on top of a main boards so they don’t fall off.  I have solved this problem with my custom crafted three dimensional boards with magnetism.  They will hold on below like they should, and are really easy to move.  They are also full size, not like the Franklin Mints version that is 1/2 scale.  This game will play with a 4″ King unlike the Franklin Mints version which is too small to play, and the attack boards will not fall off when under a main level.tumblr_mnrx72sHIF1ro820to1_500You can see the Franklins Mint version of Tri dimensional Chess is too small to play as compared to my version by the pictures below..

Franklin Mint main boards are only 4.25 inches wide, and my playing area is 8 inches.  I have included a small boarder so the attack board squares are positioned directly above or below the squares of the main board.  The Franklin Mint attack boards are only 2.13 inches wide, as compared to mine which are 4 inches.  In the picture above, you can see I am using a 4″ King.

Below are a few more Tridimensional Chess Set Pictures.

Star Trek Chess is so easy to learn, and really fun to play.  Here is a picture of the top main board showing the starting positions of the chess pieces.